Noustique Perfumes – The Alchemist Atelier

Recommendation system and virtual assistant

Sistema de recomendación y asistente virtual


Noustique Perfumes, through its brand The Alchemist Atelier, manufactures and markets devices that allow you to make your own perfume for every occasion, at home, from a series of essence cartridges that are also manufactured and marketed by Noustique.



Noustique wanted to increase the relationship with its users through its website and app, in order to offer the best possible user experience, by means of:

  • A virtual assistant, able to offer customers personalised scent cartridge recommendations based on their personal characteristics and help them create new formulas.
  • A collaborative recommendation system that offers customers attractive formulas based both on those they themselves have made previously, as well as those of other users.
  • To have a system for forecasting the demand for essence cartridges, in order to optimise its supply chain.


  • Increased sales thanks to the greater loyalty achieved through the collaborative recommendation system and the virtual assistant.
  • Improved user experience at all stages and increased customer engagement through personalised recommendations.
  • Optimisation of the supply chain through demand forecasting.


Machine Learning Models:

  • Algorithm capable of optimally combining both the knowledge of the perfumery business and the personal characteristics of the Customer, in order to recommend cartridges of essences to the Customers in a particularised way.
  • Algorithm for forecasting the demand for fragrance cartridges.
  • Intelligent Algorithm that assists Noustique App Customers in the creation of perfume formulas, optimally combining both the characteristics of the moment the perfume is to be used and the knowledge of the perfumer’s business.

The Technology used for these Solutions is based on:

  • Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Deep Learning (Neural Networks).
  • Python, R.
  • Google Cloud Functions.
  • Google Cloud Run.
  • Docker.


Hugo Lasala
Co-founder / Chief Technology & Operating Officer at Noustique Perfumes

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