KBC, a Yokogawa Company

Energy optimisation to minimise emissions

Optimización energética, minimizar emisiones


KBC, a Yokogawa Company, is a multinational consulting services and technology provider to the Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Energy sectors.


KBC, a Yokogawa Company


KBC aimed to improve the performance of its process simulation software Petro-SIM™ using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based technologies.

The first application of this improvement has been carried out at a refinery of one of its Clients. The objective was to maintain one of its crude oil processing units at the optimal energy point, meeting and potentially optimising production schedules, as well as minimising emissions levels to help reduce the Company’s carbon footprint.


  • Energy optimisation of its refinery stations and reduction of emissions.
  • Significant increase in the efficiency and OEE of the refineries.
  • Increased autonomy of the station operator at any given time and his experience.
  • Gaining new insights from the station, thanks to data cleaning and modelling. In this way, it is possible to know which factors influence the energy consumption of the refining process and to define much more efficient strategies.


Innovative combination of First Principle Models and Machine Learning Models, using a very wide range of data and progressively learning from your experience.

The Technology used for this Solution is based on:

  • Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Petro-SIM™ (Simulator based on first principles).
  • Deep Learning (Deep Learning – Neural Networks).
  • Python, R.
  • Microsoft Azure (Data Storage and Processing).

Some of the Data used for the development of the Solution are:

  • Master data and chemical properties of crude oil.
  • Historical Process Data.
  • Petro-SIM™ Simulation Data.


Toni Giménez
Digital Solutions Executive at KBC, a Yokogawa Company

“Working with PredictLand is a pleasure, their team combines a deep knowledge of Machine Learning modelling and software development with a total customer and results orientation. From the beginning of the project the integration between our teams flowed naturally.

They have demonstrated a truly remarkable ability to work and adapt to a new environment with a high level of complexity.

It is also important to emphasise that all of the above transpires in their company culture and is perceived as such by our client.”

Pablo Jiménez-Asenjo
Visual Mesa Global Business Line Leader at KBC, a Yokogawa Company

“Together with PredictLand, we continue to advance the integration of traditional simulation technology with Artificial Intelligence tools.

In addition to contributing its technical knowledge, PredictLand brings value to the team from the very beginning.

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