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360º customer analysis



Edelvives is a publishing group with more than 130 years in the educational sector, which offers rigorous educational material based on values, innovation and new technologies while accompanying the cultural growth of children and adults with an excellent literary commitment.



Edelvives wanted to have a more efficient sales force and, to this end, it proposed a 360° analysis of its customers in order to:

  • Get to know them better, as well as their buying behaviour, both for prescription sales and direct sales.
  • To be able to anticipate for each sales representative which product is most likely to be successful on each visit.
  • Know in advance in which schools their new texts are most likely to be sold.


  • Greater knowledge of customers to increase the efficiency of sales processes and to have a percentage of probability of purchase of certain products by customers, which will help the sales network to make more specific visits.
  • Greater knowledge of your customers and their purchasing behaviour, to make sales processes more efficient.


Machine Learning Models:

  • Algorithm capable of Segmenting Customers by multiple characteristics, both related to Internal Data and Public Data of the same.
  • Product Recommendation System with a higher probability of success of being sold in each School.
  • Final Customer Recommendation System where there is a greater probability of success in the sale of certain Products, even if they are New Products.

The data used for these analyses are as follows:

  • Final Customer Data.
  • Direct Customer Data.
  • Data on Products and their Characteristics.
  • Sales History.

The Technology used for these Solutions is based on:

  • Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Deep Learning (Neural Networks).
  • Python, R.
  • Docker.


César Arbiol
Corporate Head of Systems, Development and Market Research at Edelvives

Since we started our relationship with PredictLand back in September 2018, a relationship of great trust was established with them. We clearly saw that PredictLand was the right partner to help us become a data driven company.

Their advice and initial support strengthened that mutual trust and established the steps to get us started. With various trainings and sessions, we managed to get the whole organisation to “speak the same language”, increasingly taking into account Advanced Data Analytics to make better business decisions.

Having completed the first phases of various projects, I would highlight the great professionalism of all its members, their closeness, their customer, business and results orientation, as well as their very high technical skills and their great flexibility to adapt to each new situation that we have raised on the fly, with an immediate reaction and an excellent level of service.

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