Better knowledge of our customers is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, 360-Degree Customer View, knowing their tastes, purchasing behaviour, ratings, etc., provide a great deal of information which, when properly analysed, even enables us to anticipate their purchasing decisions and promote them automatically. At PredictLand we have worked in this field for various clients, with successful results in each of them.

Por otro lado, las diferentes actividades que se realizan dentro de una cadena de suministro de extremo a extremo, como pueden ser el transporte y la logística, son ejemplos de posibles candidatos que se pueden beneficiar de las soluciones innovadoras que ofrece PredictLand. Teniendo en cuenta que ambos puntos son piezas claves en este sector.

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360 Degree Customer View

With Artificial Intelligence techniques we are able to perform multiple and diverse analyses that allow us to know and interact better with customers, such as:

  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Attraction and retention analysis
  • Purchase behaviour analysis
  • Recommender systems

Thanks to these analyses, it is possible to anticipate the customer’s purchase decision and make her or him a fully customised offer that has the highest probability of success, achieving increasingly high conversion rates from marketing campaigns to actual purchases.

PredictLand has several success stories in these techniques, applied to different clients and different situations, always obtaining the best results.

More effective organisation

Taking advantage of the fact that supply chains generate a large amount of data each time they carry out an activity or process, this data can be used together with other external data (such as weather conditions) so that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, you are able to organise your company’s logistics more effectively. In addition, they can help you increase productivity by reducing downtime or by knowing in advance when a machine failure is most likely to occur. And finally, it will allow you to reduce the accumulation of stock by forecasting demand to suit your needs.

These are just a few examples of how Artificial Intelligence in this sector will allow you to raise and improve the quality and quantity of work done nowadays.

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