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AI is part of each of the steps that make up the process flow of energy and product production from oil and natural gas. 

Starting with the evaluation of deposits for their extraction, selecting only those that will generate the best and largest amount of materials, as in the drawing up of drilling plans from the geological information of the zone. 

In addition, it is possible to optimize the processing and treatment operations of the crude oil, thus allowing to minimize costs and maximize margins. 

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In PredictLand we have experience in optimizing crude processing. Given an oil treatment process, we can offer you recommendations on which control levers are most advisable to manipulate and how to do it so that this has an impact on quality improvement, energy cost reduction and emissions reduction.

Making these recommendations to the operators allows them to have as a starting point the most appropriate configurations in economic and energy terms so that they can take charge of the decision making and carry out the control and evaluation of the state of the plant in a more exhaustive way.

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