Energy and renewables

The energy sector is one of the largest sectors of the Spanish economy, proof of which is that we can find several energy companies in the IBEX35.

It is also a highly digitalized sector that produces a large amount of data. In order not to waste the potential of this data, it is necessary to apply Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. These techniques allow to infer patterns in the data and make future predictions automatically. In addition, these algorithms are able to simultaneously handle a huge amount of data and get a global view of the problem unreachable by human personnel.

Icono Energy and renewables

At PredictLand we have changed the traditional approach of Demand Forecasting and Electrical Diversion. Instead of using traditional techniques such as time series based models, we apply supervised Machine Learning models that include external data information, thus obtaining a more accurate forecast and reducing costs to our clients.

In addition, we can help you in other challenges of the energy sector such as, for example, the optimization of processes where there is plenty of room for improvement using Data Science: reduction of resources and operational costs, efficiency improvement in the consumption of supplies, reduction of waste, improvement of processes’ performance, or the increase of the useful life of the production assets.

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