AI in industrial processes

In an industry where precision and detail are paramount and where almost the entire supply chain is dependent on time, the scope for reaction is narrow. This is why the use of predictive tools provided by Artificial Intelligence is indispensable. Some of the most frequent are those of predictive maintenance, failure detection and energy optimization of processes.

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Data science, Machine Learning and, in general, Artificial Intelligence can improve efficiency at every stage of production, allowing organizations to reduce costs, provide a better service and experience to customers and, perhaps most importantly, develop new and innovative products.

More and more manufacturing companies are counting on the strategic benefits of AI in predictive maintenance, i.e., how to help determine the condition of equipment and predict when maintenance should be performed to avoid failure. It is well known that the application of solutions based on preventive maintenance can lead to significant cost savings, greater predictability and increased system availability.



  • Machine configuration prediction for zero defects
  • Machine optimal set-up prediction for energy and waste minimization
  • Predictive maintenance through anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance by predicting machine failures


Among the most frequent applications is the reduction of pollutant emissions, making companies able to receive recognition for sustainability with the planet while avoiding sanctions. Some engineering giants manufacture their gas turbines with hundreds of sensors that feed the AI-operated data processing system, which adjusts the fuel valves to keep emissions as low as possible.

Process automation is another field in which truly differential measures can be implemented versus the competition. An example of interest can be found in one of our customers, for which we developed models for learning machine parameters that allow the machine to respond to a change in materials while minimizing the defects produced.


With the Agile methodology as an internal standard, we always adapt to the requirements and availability of the Client.

Since the services offered are customized, we consider frequent and close communication and contact as essential conditions to maximize the efficiency and continuity of the projects. That is why the feedback and progress presentation meetings have an average frequency of one week.


How can I incorporate AI into my processes?

Answer All of our collaborations are based on support from the conceptualization phase to the production of the solutions. The first step is to contact us and, without any commitment, find the optimal way to apply the tools that best suit your business.

Do I need a Data Scientists team and a special data architecture?

Answer Not necessary, since we have a complete team of experts and the necessary computer resources for the development of practically any type of solution based on data and Machine Learning. Flexibility in the nature of the data source is complete (unstructured data, SQL databases, Excel data, …)

How can I measure the value you bring to my business?

Answer The calculation of profitability can be obtained in a quantitative way as in traditional projects. In addition, the support of success stories and the strong investment made by companies all around the world is a true reflection of the reality about these projects and how the risk associated with them is, year by year, decreasing.

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